Rules and Regulations of South Lincs. Magical Society Revised April 2009


1.The Society shall be called the "South Lincolnshire Magical Society".

2.The objects of the Society shall be the promotion of the Art of Magic and the recognised Allied Arts and the rigorous opposition of the public exposure of any principles of magic.

3.Potential members shall be of either sex over the age of 14. Junior members under theage of 14 years who show genuine interest, and are accompanied by a member, may be accepted on a provisional basis and to be auditioned 3 months after seeking membership. A Fellow of the Society shall be one who has demonstrated by audition at a meeting of the Society, commitment, ability and/or knowledge in Magic or the recognised Allied Arts to the satisfaction of a simple majority of existing Fellows of the Society as expressed in a secret ballot. Potential members shall audition for Fellowship within four months of first attending a meeting. If unsuccessful in attaining Fellowship, potential membership may be extended for a further four months at the discretion of the existing Fellows as expressed in a secret ballot by a simple majority. The applicant will be informed of the result of the audition in writing within seven days. Only Fellows of the Society shall be entitled to vote at meetings. Associate member (wives, partners, assistants)to be charged £5 - 00 per year. Fellows of the Society with 25 years continuous membership to be granted honorary membership

4.Applicants for membership shall apply to the Secretary on a form as may be agreed upon from time to time by the Committee and the Secretary shall submit such applications to the Management Committee for their decision.

5.Any member of the Society may resign by giving one months notice in writing to the Secretary, and shall cease to be entitled to the benefits of membership from that date, but will remain liable for unpaid subscriptions or any other dues owed to the Society.

6.Any member, through misdemeanour, irregularity or flagrant breach of these rules shall be given seven days notice in writing to appear before the Management Committee to offer an explanation. Should the explanation verbal or written fail to be satisfactory, the Committee shall, by a simple majority vote, request his/her resignation within seven days, failing which, membership shall automatically cease.

7.An annual subscription as agreed by the Fellows at the Annual General Meeting shall be due on the date of becoming a Potential Member. Potential Members to be encouraged to pay full membership subscription on entry. (their membership to be confirmed by audition). Potential members to pay standard fee on first night and to be allocated a mentor who will access candidates ability and enthusiasm. Mentor will be responsible for extending invitation to further meetings Members joining after the 1st of January shall pay half the annual subscription. All subscriptions shall be paid to the Treasurer who will issue the necessary receipts. The annual subscription shall be due on the date of the Annual General Meeting each year Any member three months in arrears shall automatically cease to be a member and shall forfeit the privileges of membership. All new members to pay £10.00 joining fee. (Half price for those in full-time education.) Members who allow their subscriptions to lapse to pay £5.00 fee as and when readmitted. Attached partners of Members may become Associates for a fee of £5.00 per year. All Members and Associates to pay £2.00 per meeting and be given a ticket for a raffle. Occasional visitors to pay £3.00 per head for "non lecture" meetings and £5.00 per head for "lecture" meetings. In the event of any dispute over payments the President, Secretary and Treasurer (2 of 3) have powers to agree a settlement. Junior, OAP and Members receiving invalidity benefit shall pay a reduced annual subscription (currently 50%) as agreed by Fellows at AGM.

8.The management of the Society shall be vested in the Management Committee consisting of the President, President Elect, Secretary, Treasurer and three Fellows of the Society. The Management Committee shall have the power to co-opt. The Management Committee shall have the power to grant Honorary Membership to any member in recognition of outstanding services to the Society All members of the Management Committee shall retire annually and the Committee be elected at the Annual General Meeting

9.The Secretary shall convene all meetings of the Society and keep regular minutes of the proceedings of General, Committee and Sub-committee meetings.

10.The Treasurer shall apply for all subscriptions and dues that may be owing to the Society and shall issue receipts for the same and make proper disposal of the monies. The treasurer shall discharge all the accounts of the Society and shall submit Records to be audited at least annually by a nominated member of the committee prior to presentation at AGM.

11.The Management Committee shall be responsible for the custody of the property of the Society.

12. The Management Committee shall have a quorum of four (4).

13.The Annual General Meeting shall be held in April each year.

14.The Secretary shall give fourteen days notice to each member of the Society of the intention to hold an Annual General Meeting.

15.The quorum necessary to transact any business at an Annual General Meeting shall be half the total membership plus one.

16.No alterations to these rules shall be made except at an Annual General Meeting or at an extra-ordinary meeting specifically called for that purpose.


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