Past Lectures 


Gary Bryson                                                     Dealer Dem 

Ian Keable               ( Professional Repertoire)  Lecture

Danny Archer USA.                  ( Working Alone) Lecture 

John Derris                             ( KISS)  Close-up Lecture 



Duain Laflin  USA  Sponge Ball and Silk Magic  Lecture

Jay Scott Berry. USA                                     Stage Lecture

It's Magic                                                         Dealer Dem. 

Magic Circle Road Show                      Talk and Lecture   

Kerry Scorrah      Mandi Davies      Roy Davenport

Tom Rudan.                         Stage and Close-up Lecture



Graham Lees                                         Balloon Lecture  

Graham Lees                            Balloon Workshop  Day  

Greg Wilson   USA             ( Impromptu Magic )  Lecture 

Col Custard                                                              Lecture  

Scott Penrose                                                          Lecture 

Wayne  Dobson                                                       Lecture  



Jack Delvin                                      Easy Magic Lecture      

Max Somerset III                              Lecture 

Adrian Sullivan                                 Dealer DEM

 Magic books by post                       Dealer DEM             

 Terry Seabrooke                               Lecture

 Ali Cadabra                            Lecture

Geoffrey Durham                              Lecture


Magic Box                                                        Dealer Dem

Paul Cooke                       ( The Art of Illusion) Lecture   

Tim Shoesmith         ( Kids & Close-up Magic)  Lecture 

John Dixon                                  ( Mr Trix Magic)  Lecture 

Brian Sefton                                     Magical Performance

David Charles                     Hocus Pocus / Dealer Dem 

Walt Lees                                        Magical Performance  



Walt Lees                                  ( Comedy Magic) Lecture

Davenports                     ( Roy Davenport )  Dealer Dem

Terry Seabrooke            ( Guest and Performer, President's Night- Burger Bill.

POZ                                  ( Mainly Magic for Kids) Lecture

Merlin's Magic of Wakefeild                           Dealer Dem

Rod Hammond .       (  Let's go table hopping )  Lecture

Sean Carpenter          (Cabaret and Close -up)  Lecture

Terry Herbert              ( The Magic of Comedy )  Lecture 

David Charles                                Magical Performance  



John Palfreyman                                                   Lecture    

Leslie Melville                                 story telling  Lecture    

Burger Bill                Easy  Balloon Modeling  Lecture     

Chris Priest                 Master Close-up           Lecture     



 Andy Clockwise                                  Lecture

  Ted Lumby                                        Lecture

Hocus Pocus                                 Dealer Dem

Andy Carando                                     Lecture

Magician FX                                  Dealer Dem

Bill Abbott                                        Lecture

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